About Us

Kingdom Impact is a growing international church community with members from a variety of ages, nationalities and backgrounds based in Almere, The Netherlands. At this moment we have members from Eritrea, Surinam, Indonesia, Ghana, Cameroon, Pakistan and Burundi, and of course from the Netherlands. We want to be a community where people young and old can come ‘Home’. A place for all nations.

As a Core church Community within Congress WBN, Kingdom Impact carries an apostolic-prophetic mandate to impact the whole Body of Christ. So beyond developing a local base in Almere we are actively involved in initiatives that are directed towards building a mature global church. This charge is carried deeply in the hearts of believers throughout Congress WBN and here at Kingdom Impact. Loving and serving the global church is an integral part of who we are. Practically this starts with a commitment to personal change, and it’s much more than just Sunday meetings – it affects how we build all aspects of life together as a community and how we serve others.

Our approach to achieving this is multi-faceted:

  • we long for authenticity and build our lives according to scriptural principles in every aspect of life: relationships, parenting, marriage, family, finances, work, character development and moral choices
  • We are intentional about offering wisdoem and resouerce to enable other churches to apply these same principles in their own context
  • We provide teaching and training to pastors, leaders and believers to bring them into greater understanding of what God is doing in the earth today.
  • We are involved within our local community, regional meetings and global teams of Congress WBN.

In all of this prayer is the motor for everything. We want to hear Hi Heartbeat in all we do.

Kingdom Impact is a Core Kingdom Community within Congress WBN and specifically part of the Kingdom Community Network (KCN) which has thousends of Kingdom Communities throughout the nations.


Congress WBN is a faith based organisation that operates in well over 100 nations and is committed to building a mature church. 

It is made up of sectors of strategic operations including networks of Kingdom Communities, professional groups, educational institutions, nation development initiatives, businesses, university students and a Global Communications and Technology (GCT) team. 

Those who relate to Kingdom Impact are automatically joined within the framwork of Congress WBN.

The Global Congress Leadership is responsible for overseeing Congress WBN’s devbelopment activities. The GCL, existing of 23 persons, represents the order and integrity that provide patterns for Congress WBN operations.

Global Congress Leadership