My house is filled with light


A safe place in a time of instability

Mankind always searches for a better life and their 5-minutes of fame. Everyone wants peace and a good future without fear. But all over the world the atmosphere is changing: we see economic instability, broken families, migrants who flee their country. They travel from nation to nation searching for safety, a better life, some escape from wars and others from poverty. In our own country Covid-19 has a deep impact on society.  

We are on a journey, but where are we going? Is there an end to the journey? 

We want to build a Community, a place where people can come Home in the midst of all the turbulence. Because we are part of a global network (located in over 100 nations) we believe in building a ‘Borderless Community’. 

We are a growing church community called Kingdom Impact, based in Almere, the Netherlands. In Kingdom Impact we welcome people from every language, nationality and family background. 

A Community for ALL!