My house is filled with light

Welcome to Kingdom Impact

Kingdom Impact is a dynamic international movement infused with a deep Passion to fulfill the Mission of Christ: to become one, mature, and forever be with Him. Within our movement lies a warm and welcoming community known as Community Kingdom Impact (CKI).

Community Kingdom Impact (CKI): A Home for All Nations

At the heart of Kingdom Impact is Community Kingdom Impact (CKI). We are here to provide a home for people of all nations, backgrounds, cultures, and languages. We come together as one big family, driven by the belief that true strength lies in unity. No matter where you come from, you are welcome here. Together, we strive to build God’s Kingdom on Earth.

In addition to our community, we nurture a deep passion to make our calling visible in two ways:

  1. Life Building International (LBI) – Community in Action: At LBI, we believe in actively embodying our faith. We aim to take action, to share the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ with the world around us. Together, we work to transform lives and spread hope. Visit for more information
  2. HeartBeat – The Passion to Fulfill His Mission: Our passion is simply to continue the mission of Jesus. We want to show His love, proclaim His word so that many make His Kingdom visible. We desire that our hearts beat in harmony with God’s will. Click here for more information about HeartBeat.

At Kingdom Impact, we believe that together we can make a difference. We warmly welcome you to share this Passion together. Together, we can have a lasting impact and Raise His Standard.