Jan Friso

“We all have a journey, a history, but in God is our future.” 

Jan Friso

The spiritual journey of Jan Friso started in the seventies at Youth for Christ. In the mid-eighties he continued his journey at Youth with a Mission. He evangelisted a lot in different Cities, such as Amsterdam, Paris, London and Vienna, and in Nations in Asia and Africa. After connecting with a prophetic network in the nineties the connection with Congress WBN in 2003 brought him into a new dimension, a frequency, that brought more depth and sight to build His Church. 

Congress WBN

Through Congress WBN there came new accurate teaching related to the current speaking of God. It was and is a flow of the Spirit that equips and strengthens leaders and saints for the time that is ahead of us. 

With Kingdom Impact he now moves within Congress WBN as a Core Community, that means that we are equipping other communities on the Journey to the Finish, the Fullness of Time. In this, Kingdom Impact has a strong connection with the Body of Christ in South-East Asia, especially Indonesia. In addition to his work within Kingdom Impact, Jan Friso also works closely with a European team in this region to assist with the development of church communities and Congress WBN initiatives across Europa.