People Groups

As Kingdom Impact we have – besides the Sunday meetings – devided the community in men, women, young adults and children. We call these the People Groups. Every group meets regularly and has its own identity. We believe that having a clear identity as men, women, young adults and children is vital to understand how to navigate each age and stage of life. Therefore the groups – besides the meeting on Sunday – have their own schedule of meetings and activities where the corporate journey and the same teaching of the community are translated into personal spiritual growth and practical application.  


Our children’s and young adults growth and development is equally important as the development of our men and women. We have seen that teaching the children practical biblical ways will set them off on the correct path towards personal faith and salvation. 

We have several age groups – each designed to bring the children and young adults to maturity in God according to their age and stage of life.  

One of the values we find important in our Kingdom Community is that people from different backgrounds and nationalities become a global family. Those Kingdom values are applied in every family and our personal lives as adults.